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Refund and Returns Policy

This Refund and Cancellation Policy applies to all purchases made from Mellalta Meets Business and Market Research.

Refund Policy

1. Overview

At Mellalta Meets, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional post-sales support. Our services include high-quality, industry-specific marketing consultation, primary research, and analytical expertise, offered at reasonable prices.

2. Refund Eligibility

Given the nature of our deliverables, which primarily include reports in PDF format, the possibility of issuing a refund post-delivery is constrained. Our reports constitute intellectual property and are based on the principle of knowledge transfer. Therefore, once a report is delivered to the client, it is not feasible to cancel the order or issue a refund.

3. Post-sales Support

In lieu of refunds, we offer comprehensive post-sales support to address any client queries or concerns. Our dedicated team is available to provide assistance and ensure client satisfaction with the delivered reports.

Cancellation Policy

1. Order Placement and Delivery

We provide sample pages for all our extensive reports and case studies to meet the specific needs of our clients. Once an order is placed and dispatched, the cancellation of the order is not permissible.

2. Pre-Delivery Cancellation

In cases where a payment is made inadvertently and a client wishes to cancel the order before delivery, such cancellations are subject to the discretion and approval of our management or the concerned department.

3. Client Assistance

For any further assistance or clarification regarding our Refund and Cancellation Policy, our team is readily available to provide support and guidance.

This Policy is subject to change at the discretion of Mellalta Meets Business and Market Research and shall be effective upon posting an updated version on our website. Clients are encouraged to review this Policy periodically.

For any queries or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us at Contact Page