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Hemophilia–Brand Protection & Competitive Intelligence

Brand Protection

Client Challenge

A large pharma company wanted to understand the KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) outlook on the clinical, commercial and payer perspective for Hemophilia A. Additionally, the team wanted to know KOL’s outlook on the major competitors in Hemophilia A gene therapy market along with the estimated patient uptake on upcoming therapies and market size. 


  • We conducted a wide range of secondary research to create the base for competitive Intelligence monitoring
  • We used tools such as google alerts, First-word Pharma tools and others for competitors’ commercial strategies monitoring to stay at the top of secondary utilizing indication & Company/asset-specific keywords.
  • Further, primary research was done in which Qualitative in-depth telephonic interviews with Hematologists were conducted to get their inputs on gene therapies market uptake, pricing and prescription to curate the commercial strategies for our client


  • Mapped the physicians/KOLs base prescribing and treating the Hemophilia A
  • Analyzed the key clinical parameters as safety, efficacy and redosing of GT in haemophilia A treatment
  • Determined the commercial strategy by evaluating the patient uptake and switch rate from current therapies to gene therapy
  • Evaluated the payers’ concerns on GT price and reimbursement scenario.
  • In the end, we highlighted to the client the major hard endpoints and influencing factors to be taken care of while prescribing the upcoming GTs from the KOLs outlook.