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Robot-Assisted Surgical System–MedTech Market Intelligence


Client Challenge

A large-sized client wanted to conduct a market research survey to understand the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robot-assisted surgical systems in various therapeutic domains.

Research Methodology

•We conducted a wide range of secondary research (using proprietary databases, corporate websites, SEC filings, and scientific publications) to inform a process to comprehensively monitor each company and product business strategy.

•We did patent analysis of emerging surgical robotic systems by identifying related patent numbers and further analysis for machine learning integration.

Primary Research: In-depth qualitative telephone interviews were conducted to further validate the secondary findings.

Our Results & Insights

  • List of emerging robotic surgical systems from various companies for different therapeutic procedures
  • Tracked systems being modified with AI: convolutional neural network (CNN) and machine learning
  • Comprehensive profiling of artificial intelligence (AI) and robot-assisted surgery (RAS) platforms, including product profiles, product specifications, and technologies.
  • Further analysis of key company strategies, product launches and their impact over the next 10 years.
  • Ultimately, we helped the client with higher-impact businesses with a strong technology-driven product to identify opportunities and risks in the coming years.