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Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Tool–Due Diligence for Collaboration


Client Challenge

A mid-sized pharmaceutical client wanted to conduct the survey to understand and collaborate with the service providers in the areas of AI diagnostic tool for patients and healthcare professionals in the rare disease space.

Research Methodology

We have created a step-by-step approach that includes both secondary and primary research to understand the space and ultimately provide the best solutions.

Our Results and Insights

  • Mapped the AI diagnostic services/platform from the companies selected by the client for targeted indications and regions
  • Determined the various features of AI-based platform like Product (Service) Description, Contact Information, number of users, market share, launch details, target languages while creating company profiles.
  • Analyzed a set of parameters highlighted by the client to understand the platform/services offered by AI diagnostic companies with respect to targeted diseases.
  • Determined business model in terms of companies’ collaboration with pharmaceutical companies on targeted indications and what client can do to influence the dialogue
  • Prioritized the key factors driving the collaboration decisions with Pharma companies on the targeted indications, several of which were unique to the client’s situation
  • Recommended the client a systematic approach to identify the highest impact companies to review for collaboration through matrix modelling.