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Business Partnering

Business Partnership

Client Challenge

•A mid-sized biotech company was looking for in-licensing of the viral vector technology platform, required for the development of their gene therapy.


  • Carried out the due diligence to identify the companies that have the viral vector technology/ platforms. 
  • Prioritization and scanning of appropriate technologies/platform matching client needs.
  • Further Matrix analysis was performed to rank the companies on specific parameters (the company’s commercial and clinical aspects). 
  • Worked with the client to create the discussion guidelines for understanding the specific requirements for partnering.
  • Conducted primary analysis based on the discussion guidelines to understand the technology, developmental goals, commercialization perspective and possible deal and milestone aspirations.


  • We helped in discovering the potential companies for the client which are ready to partner.
  • Meetings were organized with the interested companies to further understand the details of the partnership.
  • In the end, successfully executed the business partnership with the company having the best in-house technology/viral vector platform for the development of gene therapy.