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Competitive Intelligence

Let MM help you uncover hidden opportunities and competitive advantages.

Mellalta Competitive Intelligence

We offer a suite of services to help businesses understand their competitors and the market. We integrate this understanding with an analysis of you and your organization, in order to develop effective strategic initiatives that are backed by real-time intelligence.

CI – A Powerful Business tool

Intelligence-led intelligence is a powerful business tool that can help your company become a top performer. Competitive research can uncover offers and prices from your rivals, accelerating your sales growth. Competitor Intelligence can strengthen your competitive strategy by explaining your rivals’ strategies, capabilities and SWOTs. It can monitor the strategic initiatives of your competitors.If you need to automate complex analyses, or analyze large amounts of market data it has a solution for you through its extensive analytics platform.

“Highly detailed and analytical report. Highly recommended for any company looking for high level of analysis in a quick turnover time.”

Director -Large Pharma Company

Our Solutions

  • Competitive Landscape
  • Clinical Trial Profiling
  • CI News Monitoring
  • Clinical Trials Monitoring
  • Business Strategy Monitoring
  • Competitor Threat Assessments
  • Current Market Analysis & Potential Impact
  • Product and Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Key Catalysts
  • Key Messages
  • KOLs inputs

Mellalta Meets help clients in shaping their decisions

Finding a sweet spot in a competitive situation

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