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Disease Report Store

Disease Report Store provides latest reports, strategies and Key Leader opinions in this market

Mellalta Meets Disease Report Store

The disruptive technologies, novel drug mechanisms and target acquisitions are some of the major trends that the market is witnessing. We offer out-of-the-box solutions for our clients in 20 therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Neurology, Rare diseases, Vaccines, Hematology, and others. Our Reports focuses on analyzing and forecasting technology adoption by different industries through its functional analysis of strategies being adopted by companies.

Identifying Opportunities

Drug discovery remains a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. The industry continues to face the difficult task of developing new drugs to combat diverse diseases and drug resistance.

Drug development from discovery through clinical trials can take up to 12 years, yet these costs continue to rise as more and more therapies become available each year. The pace at which the industry moves is being compounded by rising regulatory requirements and increasing generic competition in many regions where pharmaceutical companies operate. ‘

Technological developments are making it possible for pharmaceutical companies to reduce their cost of research and development, gain new markets with disruptive technologies, and accelerate the time needed for product launch

We had a superior experience working with Mellalta Meets. MM did an excellent job of understanding the profile of the technologies we were looking for and quickly presented us with the search for more potential targets that achieved our goals. No bidding war, no endless show. Their composition and assessment of technology potential are accurate and reliable. Excellent communication, professional and smooth closure

Director, Mid Pharma Company

Our Solutions

Disease Market Forecast Report focuses on the key players in the market and provides strategic profiles of a range of key companies. The report includes key details such as company description, financial performance, product portfolio and drug sales & forecast to 2033. 

Novel Drug Mechanisms Report gives a broad overview of different drug classes and their pharmacological actions to bring out strong business opportunities across the drug development pipeline. 

Key Takeaways at the conference gives you insights into the way your industry and competitors grow in near future and help you identify various growth vectors to capture these opportunities.

We provide ready-to-use customized intelligence

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